FORTUNE Small Business: The FSB 100 
America's fastest-growing small public companies
Portfolio Recovery Associates
Rank: 69 (2005 rank: N/A)
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CEO: Steven D. Fredrickson
Headquarters: Norfolk, VA
Employees: 1,110
When banks have given up on a bad loan, PRAA buys the debt and collects on its own behalf. In 2005 it acquired a company that collects debts owed to local governments.
Revenue ($ millions, four quarters to 12/31/05) 148.5 --
Revenue growth (%, 3-year annual rate) 36.0 22
Income ($ millions, four quarters to 12/31/05) 36.8 --
EPS growth (%, 3-year annual rate) 23.7 75
Total Return (%, 3-year annual rate) 36.5 81
Stock price ($, on 6/1/06) 49.87 --
From the July/August 2006 Issue of FSB magazine
Top companies by revenue growth
Collegiate Pacific 115.2
NGAS Resources 96.5
Edge Petroleum 76.9
FSB 100 by state
These states are headquarters for the highest number of America's fastest-growing small public companies
California 13
Florida 9
Texas 9
Richest executives
Call them mini-Buffetts: the executives who hold major stakes in their companies on the FSB 100 list.
Gary West Valley National Gases 108
Robert Stiller Green Mt. Coffee Roasters 84.4
William Motto Meridian Bioscience 71.6
How we pick the FSB 100
In our sixth annual list, we once again asked financial research firm Zacks to rank public companies with revenues of less than $200 million and a stock price of more than $1, based on their three-year growth in earnings, revenue, and performance. (Banks and real-estate firms were excluded, they overrun the list.)
How we pick the 25 richest executives
Equilar, an executive-compensation research firm in San Mateo, Calif., reviewed proxy statements for firms on the FSB 100 list. When the shares owned outright and vested options are factored in, these 25 executives have the most bling. In fact, each has $19 million or more in stock and options.