Table of contents: VOL. 34, NO. 9 - September 1, 2005
How to have the life you want without a paycheck (more)

Having long yearned to start a human-resources consultancy, Lisa Bing went and did it--with more than a little help from her former employer (more)
Terry Taylor had to go through the pain of losing a job he loved to realize that what he wanted to do more than anything was work for himself. Now he does. (more)
With many airlines struggling, pilot Keith Bruce didn't want to rely on his employer for financial security. So he and his wife pinched, saved--and retired early. (more)
Insurance is pricey, but new technology and plans can ease the burden (more)
To make sure your college-bound child doesn't graduate with a B.A. in credit-card debt, follow these rules (more)
Rob Rothberg had a promising career as a top IT manager--until the day the FBI arrested him for software piracy. Now he's fighting to rebuild a life for his family in a world that's turned very hostile. (more)

Setting a shopping budget is easy. What's hard is making sure you spend it smart. One luxurious purchase that will last a lifetime? Or lots of economical things? Either way, it's all about value. (more)
The giants of do-it-yourself investing now want to help you plan your financial life. We sent our undercover shopper to see whether you should let them. (more)
Backyard bucks: Creating a $75-a-night B&B on a $5,000 budget (more)
Get in early! Get out fast! Sounds like the housing boom's version of dotcom stocks--and everyone knows how that party ended. Right? Right? (more)
If You've Gotten The Impression That Real Estate Is A Sure Thing, It's Time For A Little Refresher Course On Risk (more)
Tennessee WaltzSeven-year-old brick traditional in highly desirable town 20 miles south of Nashville (more)
how i did it
Single mom, two kids, day job, night school. All it took to earn a law degree was four years of doing more with less. (more)
Her 401(k) is fat. But her finances are riskier than she realizes. (more)
Cast about beneath the surface and you can find some prize catches at bargain prices (more)
Every investing mania holds a grain of truth. Buy that. (more)

money 50
Home-equity lines of credit come with easy terms and low interest rates, which makes them virtually worry-free. Don't believe it. (more)
Etiquette gurus Peggy and Peter Post on not acting like a boob in the workplace (more)
Find out how much bad financial behavior can really cost you (more)
An unexpected inheritance will secure this family's future--once they figure out what to do with it (more)
With rates up sharply from a year ago, yields on some short-term certificates of deposit now rival the returns on 10-year Treasury bonds (more)
You'll save money and grief--not to mention improve the odds that your project will turn out as planned (more)
Investors are rushing to stuff their IRAs with condos and single-family homes. My take: A bad idea's time has come. (more)
sivy 70

The man who doled out money to 9/11 victims' families says poor planning prolonged the agony (more)

Summer's farewell means the time is right for moving up--or moving on (more)
Spending money to make yourself feel young again is okay-if you can be an adult about it (more)
When you are just starting out or finally starting to get serious about saving, the basics will get you far. Here are more than a dozen tips that will help you lay the base for building your net worth. |more|