Table of contents: VOL. 35, NO. 4 - April 1, 2006
When you leave a job, doing the wrong thing with your old 401(k) can cost you a big chunk of your savings. To retire rich, master the art of the rollover. (more)

Until recently, most banks were paying a little over 1% interest on savings. These days, if you're not getting at least 4%, you're just not paying attention. (more)
Companies want you to believe there are clear differences between their product and the competition's. We'll help you see through that claim. (more)
Child actress Kelsey Lewis might one day make the leap to stardom. Until then, she has to hope that her uninsured, motorcycle-racing dad and his risky investment strategy both avoid a crash. (more)
The latest on savings rates. (more)
exclusive survey
Think you know what your spouse wants when it comes to money? Better read this. (more)
Where do you and your partner weigh in on the scale of financial compatibility? (more)
A tiny, tired Long Island galley kitchen becomes the hub of a new home (more)
What good is a real estate boom if you don't want to sell your house? With a reverse mortgage, seniors can cash out without moving out. (more)
Nothing sells your home better than a beautiful yard. But before you plant a single flower, invest in trees. (more)
Hurricanes come and go, but coastal markets only go up. Just look at Biloxi. (more)
how i did it
We wanted to own a bed and breakfast, but we couldn't begin to afford it. So we got creative. (more)
The Answer Guy on DRIPs and 401(k)s. (more)
These newlyweds made smart decisions while single. Now they need to plan for their future as a team. (more)
As U.S. military spending continues to rise, so should the shares of big Pentagon contractors. (more)
Blue-chip growth stocks for long run. (more)
A stock-contest champ shows how to game the system--and why you can never trust short-term returns. (more)
Our list of recommended funds and ETFs. (more)
Apple and Google are, like, sooo cool and sooo expensive. Time for a second look at some unhip tech stocks that the In crowd won't touch today. (more)
Do it now: By May, popular camps will be booked solid. (more)
A new breed of consumer advocate focuses on helping patients solve billing problems. Here's how. (more)
Get back from Uncle some of what you give Mom or Dad. (more)
Question of the month. (more)
What you need to ask yourself when you're asked to care for a loved one's children. (more)
Paying off credit cards and funding a 401(k) are both good ideas. But you can't put money in two places at once. (more)
Five online money diarists too smart--or weird--to miss (more)
What can you learn from the financial advice I give major league ballplayers every year? Plenty. (more)
Before you sign that tax return, test your knowledge of deductions, credits and just whom you can trust at the IRS (more)
Fishing for a counteroffer from your current employer takes finesse -- and a little gamesmanship. (more)
You don't have to be wealthy to own a safe--just smart. We hammered away to find the best one. (more)
Forget the big ships. New options from private charters to small luxury lines put you in the captain's seat. (more)
Which tax software to use; help on home insurance; getting cheap Wi-Fi. (more)
THIS MONTHCell Phones for tots (more)
Google is changing the world, Dell a has-been. Which stock is the better buy? (more)
A Financial Plan He Can't Refuse (more)
The MONEY ethicists weigh in. (more)
Yes, assuming you don't blow all your cash on helping the poor. (more)
The odds are increasing that you'll be offered a health savings account. Should you accept? (more)
The tax code is confusing, fraught with injustice and, according to one senator, easy to fix. (more)
Prenups seem heartless, but they can make sense even for couples in love. Not for you? There are alternatives. (more)
We posed that romantic query on Valentine's Day at the Empire State Building (more)
the numbers
Best funds and latest fund news. (more)
When you are just starting out or finally starting to get serious about saving, the basics will get you far. Here are more than a dozen tips that will help you lay the base for building your net worth. |more|