Table of contents: VOL. 35, NO. 5 - May 1, 2006
Whether you're a money novice or a seasoned vet, here's what to do with a four-figure stash (more)

Things have changed since the last time you interviewed for a job. Here's how to ace it. (more)
Laid off at 46, the author was living every boomer's nightmare. Then he met five former un-employees who taught him that job security still exists--if you create your own. (more)
Probably a lot more than you have been doing (more)
Good pay and flexibility are nice, but so is FREE STUFF! Can your company match these? (more)
Exchange-traded funds can cut your investment costs, lower your tax bill and simplify your life. Just make sure you handle them with care. (more)
What makes a great job? High pay. Great prospects. And work that--even on a tough day--gives you a charge. (more)
Doctors give Jennifer and Ryan Witt a fifty-fifty chance of having a baby. They're determined to play those odds--no matter how much it costs them. (more)
There's no place like home--until it's ruined by a hellacious renovation. Before you start, hammer out these details. (more)
how i did it
I gave up my job to live on ramen and work seven days a week. And all I got was a dream come true. (more)

Long-short funds promise a bear market refuge and steady returns. But there's a better, simpler way to get that. (more)
Bad news for your fund manager: Computers are starting to look like pretty savvy investors. (more)
These savers want to knock off in their fifties. Here's how they can do it. (more)
Leading bank stocks are up 10% to 25% in the past six months, but they should have a lot farther to go (more)
THIS MONTH: Who's scared of small-caps...Insiders take the money and run...What's next for rates... (more)
Rates are going up sharply, so you'll need to borrow smarter (more)
Fed up with paying a high rate on your credit card when you know lower rates abound? Just pick up the phone and dial. More than half of consumers who call their issuer to request a lower rate land a better deal. But you've got to know what to say. (more)
Clinical trials can save you money--even save your life. Or not. Before you sign up, ask these four questions. (more)
Your kid got into college. (Whew.) Now, the hard part: how to pay. (more)
Rules change from generation to generation. Time to look at which still hold true and which need an update. (more)
Just when you finally had FICO figured out, you're getting a brand new score (more)
These newsletters could change your financial life for the better (more)
Cut nanny costs in half (without hiring Robin Williams) (more)
Some advisers claim special retirement expertise. Sure. (more)
When it comes to protecting your identity, maybe you have your head on your shoulders and maybe you don't. Test yourself to find out. (more)
Cars get all kinds of accolades. Some are useful; many aren't. Here's how to sort them out. (more)
Bluetooth headsets have slimmed down and shaped up. We listen for the clear winner. (more)
Now--between the Winter Games and the summer hordes--is the perfect time to go to Italy. (more)
How to find the biggest savings and best service at tech's hottest retailer (more)


A Crusader for the Small Investor: Mercer Bullard / Oxford, Miss. (more)
Lynette gets a financial plan free of unwanted plot twists (more)
Is It Okay to Hide a Recent Windfall from My Siblings? (more)
Medicare's May 15 drug-coverage deadline is a drag. But missing it can only hurt you later. (more)

Personal debt in the U.S. is at an all-time high. It's time for an impassioned reminder of a few golden rules. (more)

the numbers
Stock Funds Notch Terrific First Quarter (more)
Despite Inflation Worries, Stocks Gain (more)
When you are just starting out or finally starting to get serious about saving, the basics will get you far. Here are more than a dozen tips that will help you lay the base for building your net worth. |more|