Table of contents: VOL. 35, NO. 7 - July 1, 2006
How can you ensure that your family's wealth lasts through the generations? Smart planning? Sure. Savvy investing? Absolutely. But first you've all got to talk. (more)

Sooner or later, con artists are going to make a run at your family's senior generation. But you're not going to let them succeed, are you? (more)
Sometimes, despite the best-laid plans, your parents need your help. Here's how to lend a hand without sacrificing your savings or your sanity. Or their dignity. (more)
Coming to America gave the Cariagas a chance to earn more money than they ever dreamed of growing up amid poverty in the Philippines. Now they're learning just how many ways America offers to fritter it away. (more)
Money experts make forecasts all the time. Just because they're wrong--a lot--doesn't mean you shouldn't listen. It means you should listen in a new way. (more)
One year after a splurge, Doug and Tina Koch are free and clear. Here's how they did it. (more)
deal or no deal
10% off! Cash back! No interest! Sure, these common offers sound sweet, but will they really save you money? (more)
A New Jersey farmhouse becomes a family-friendly home by bringing up the rear (more)
What to do before your neighbor's overgrown yard, Day-Glo paint job or never-ending renovation drives down your home's value - and drives you up the wall. (more)
Playing the angles on your housing debt can lower your monthly payments and free up cash for better things (more)
THIS MONTH: Unloved Dow stocks...Heir to the throne... (more)
After investors jumped in, a reminder of just what "volatility" means (more)
This doctor and his wife imagine a retirement filled with daily bike rides and a cross-country road trip. These portoflio fixes can help them get there. (more)
Shares of some big exporters have benefited from the greenback's woes--and their prospects still look rosy (more)
The falling buck is worrying some pretty smart folks. But you can protect yourself. (more)
The next time you see red and blue lights flashing in your rearview, be polite, make your case quickly and, if a ticket seems unavoidable, try bargaining for a lesser charge. Be sure to ask for leniency before the officer runs your license, though; after that point, he has less discretion to let you drive away or to alter the citation. (more)
Curing the little mistakes in your medical history could lead to big savings on your life and health insurance (more)
When you hit that milestone without a retirement kitty, you need to act fast (more)
Don't get stuck in a job you didn't agree to take (more)
Inflation-protected savings bonds now guarantee you'll beat rising prices by 1.4% (more)
Her wisdom still rings true, but not for the reasons you thought. (more)
Withdraw 10% a year? Yikes! Guys, you've got more to learn than you think about long-range planning. (more)
Checks from Uncle Sam will play a big part in helping to finance your retirement--or not. Test yourself to see if you know how much you can really expect to collect. (more)
New sub-subcompacts from Japan's Big Three offer high quality and big utility in a tiny package (more)
New iPod docking stations let you share the music with everyone in the room (more)
Three strategies for defeating delays. (more)
The secret: It may look like a warehouse, but it's really a theme park (more)


A summer film makes the case for living green. So does the cost of gas. (more)

This scholar says Americans have grown too blasé about debt. The fix: Bring back that old-time sense of shame. (more)
Scammers fool thousands of folks each year. Are you one of them? (more)
Assuming the same level of knowledge, choose the personality you're most compatible with: (more)
Experts screaming about your money may make for good TV, but it doesn't always work one-on-one (more)
the numbers
Stock Funds Tumble; Magellan Pays Out (more)
As Stocks Suffer, Tech Takes the Hardest Hit (more)
When you are just starting out or finally starting to get serious about saving, the basics will get you far. Here are more than a dozen tips that will help you lay the base for building your net worth. |more|