Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Chairman to devote more time to charitable works. (more)

Steve Ballmer
With Gates stepping down from his day-to-day role at Microsoft, Steve Ballmer should resign as CEO. From Business 2.0's Owen Thomas (more)
Some on Wall Street are calling Ballmer's resignation. But he will remain firmly in charge, and that's a good thing. From FORTUNE's David Kirkpatrick (more)

Iconic founder says he's stepping away from a day to day role at the software maker in two years. Will the company be the same? (more)

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Brutal competition. A stock going nowhere. Microsoft is in crisis, so Bill Gates has unleashed his new hire, software genius Ray Ozzie, to remake the company - and conquer the Web. FORTUNE: April 18, 2006 (more)
'Willy Gates' and his software empire are trying to shed a stale image and lure coveted content partners. FORTUNE: June 8, 2006 (more)
The software giant's plan to build datacenters the size of 10 Costcos, complete with electrical substations, signals a major shift in the industry's fundamental economics. FORTUNE: May 5, 2006 (more)
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By spending lots of money--of course--but also by doing lots of creative lobbying you don't know about. FORTUNE: April 29, 2002 (more)
Both sides came out with lawyers blazing as federal antitrust chief Joel Klein's prosecutors went gunning for the Bill Gates gang. Behind the scenes at the Microsoft trial. FORTUNE: November 23, 1998 (more)
Through his Live initiative, Ozzie is getting Redmond's programmers to embrace the Web. Business 2.0: May, 2006 (more)
The software giant is in crisis, so Bill Gates has a new play to remake the company - and his name is Ray Ozzie. FORTUNE: April 19, 2006 (more)
Bill Gates finally recruited software star Ray Ozzie--by buying his whole company, Groove Networks. FORTUNE: April 4, 2005 (more)
Ray Ozzie invented Notes, the software that inspired IBM to pay $3.5 billion for Lotus. His new program is Groove, and it could be an even bigger deal. FORTUNE: February 19, 2001 (more)
Every day, Microsoft's grip on the software universe grows a little tighter. Yet there's one fast-growing market in which this $4-billion-a-year omnivore has been utterly stymied. In groupware, Lotus Development rules. FORTUNE: December 12, 1994 (more)