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China Manufacturing Network
China Manufacturing Network
China Manufacturing Network (, a ten-employee firm in Irvine, Calif., draws on 90 factories in China, Malaysia and Singapore to produce such esoteric devices as the lens housings of industrial lasers.

To coordinate the activities of so many parties, China Manufacturing's co-founder and CEO, Everette Phillips, 46, uses NetSuite software to track activity in each factory, so he can always determine how to use them most efficiently.

If a customer asks for 500 laser-lens housings on a tight deadline, for instance, Phillips can assess available capacities at various factories and quickly pinpoint the ones that will be able to complete the assignment. NetSuite also provides a real-time snapshot of production, down to details such as the size and weight of boxes containing finished goods. That helps Phillips determine whether separate shipments can be combined into one cargo container, cutting down on shipping costs.

Bottom line: He's thriving. His company will collect nearly $5 million in revenues this year and will be profitable. "Our customers can't really tell how big we are," he says. "In a way, it's irrelevant. What matters is that we can get the job done." -Justin Martin
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