Who can help me set up and administer a plan?

Here's some advice to consider as you shop for a plan provider:

  • Check out investment options. Unlike corporate 401(k)s, which often offer dozens of funds from multiple fund families, many solo 401(k) providers restrict you to one fund group. You'll find the widest range of investment choices at fund "supermarkets" like Schwab.
  • Keep a lid on costs. Fees vary widely among 401(k) providers. Set-up charges and annual fees depend on the amount of advice offered. Many firms will waive some expenses for larger accounts.
  • Consider your borrowing needs. Although the law allows you to borrow as much as 50% of the assets in your individual 401(k) (up to a loan limit of $50,000), not every provider offers a loan option. While it's certainly not advisable to raid your retirement plan for cash, you may want the financial safety net that a loan feature provides.

To jump-start your search, go to, which lists individual 401(k) providers. Or ask your accountant or financial adviser for plan recommendations. To top of page