And the winners are...
From a Brooklyn craft brewer, a scrap metal recycler, to an event tent designer, America's urban core is home to a host of novel, fast-growing small businesses. Here's the top 100, as ranked by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City.

Vying for a school lunch revolution
Riding the wave of a larger school lunch reform movement, Revolution Foods aims to deliver healthy food to the cafeteria table, without sacrificing profits. more
Industrial ghost town? No, startup boomtown.
In the next 10 years, more than a billion square feet of urban industrial space will be vacant. Already, small businesses are laying claim to the post-industrial lots, often at a bargain. more
How small businesses grow, even in a tough economy
This year's Inner City 100 companies have fought off a sluggish economy through a combination of smart investment and savvy strategy. Here's how they are doing it. more
Brewing a bigger business in Brooklyn 
Brooklyn Brewery has grown from a small brewery to a craft beer powerhouse, launching it to No. 67 on the Inner City 100. more