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Enron scorecard
Fourteen former executives and employees have been indicted, and seven have pleaded guilty.
January 14, 2004: 4:03 PM EST

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - In the two years since the stunning collapse of Enron, more than a dozen former executives and employees have been indicted and seven have pleaded guilty. Here's where things stand:

Corporate Executives

Ken Lay (ex-Chairman and CEO) -- under investigation; hasn't been charged and has denied wrongdoing

Jeff Skilling (ex-CEO) -- under investigation; hasn't been charged and has denied wrongdoing

J. Clifford Baxter (former Vice Chairman) -- Resigned as vice chairman in May 2001. Committed suicide in January. 2002.

David Delainey (former CEO, energy units) -- Charge: Sold stock when he knew Enron's financial statements were false.

Status: Pleaded guilty

Andrew Fastow (former CFO) -- Charges: Created partnerships to hide Enron's debt and enriched himself in deals between the partnerships and Enron.

Status: Pleaded guilty (see more)

Ben Glisan Jr. (ex-Treasurer) -- Charge: Contributed to manipulation of Enron's financial statements.

Status: Pleaded guilty

Lea Fastow (former assistant Treasurer; wife of Andrew Fastow) -- Charge: Conspiracy to commit wire fraud; money laundering; filing false tax returns.

Status: Expected to plead guilty (see more)

Michael Kopper (ex-Finance Executive) -- Charge: Aided Andrew Fastow in manipulating Enron's financial statements.

Status: Pleaded guilty

Lawrence Lawyer (ex-Finance Executive) -- Charge: Evaded taxes by failing to report income from one of the Fastow partnerships.

Status: Pleaded guilty

Dan Boyle (Former Finance Executive) -- Charge: Helped disguise a loan by Merrill Lynch as a sale of power barges in Nigeria.

Status: Indicted

Broadband Executives

Joe Hirko and Kenneth Rice (ex-CEOs), Kevin Howard (ex-CFO), Kevin Hannon (ex-operating officer), Rex Shelby and Scott Yeager (ex-senior VPs) and Michael Krautz (former accounting director)

Charge: Intentionally misled investors about the division's prospects and performance to drive up Enron's stock, then sold stock knowing its value was inflated.

Status: Indicted

Energy Traders

Timothy Belden (ex-managing director), Jeffrey Richter and John Forney (ex-senior trader)

Charge: Manipulated energy markets during California's energy crisis to drive up prices and reap profits for Enron.

Status: Forney indicted; Belden and Richter pleaded guilty  Top of page

Sources: New York Times, Reuters, CNN/Money

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