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Top 10 low-carb cities ranked
Magazine: "Breadbasket" cities not as friendly as coasts when it comes to low-carb lifestyle.
April 22, 2004: 11:31 AM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - People looking for the low-carb lifestyle should head toward big cities on the coasts rather than the "breadbasket" in the Midwest, according to a new ranking of America's top 10 low-carb cities.

The list was compiled by LowCarbiz Magazine, a new business-to-business publication focused on the low-carb and reduced-carb industries.

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The magazine said metropolitan areas that make its list, "offer easy access to an abundance of low-carbohydrate products, restaurants with low-carb menu items, health practitioners supportive of carb-cutting regimens and a local culture generally conducive to exercise and health."

The metropolitan areas that made the list, in alphabetical order: Dallas/Fort Worth; Indianapolis; Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Miami; New York; Phoenix; Portland, Ore.; San Francisco; and Seattle.

The magazine said in compiling the list that it relied heavily on statistics such as the number of low-carb retail outlets in a market and the number of low-carb products on store shelves. It also used subjective measures, such as interviewing well-traveled low-carb industry leaders on their impressions of various markets.  Top of page

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