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Credit card, bank rates mostly higher
Average APRs for credit cards, banking APYs tip mostly higher but a couple rates lag.
January 5, 2005: 11:57 AM EST

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Consumer interest rates for credit cards and banking products were mostly higher the week ending Jan. 4, according to the latest Informa Research Services survey.
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The average annual percentage rate, or APR, for platinum cards inched up to 11.15 percent from 11.04 percent the previous week. Interest rates ranged from a low of 5 percent to a high of 19.8 percent for the week and stood at 11 percent a month earlier.

Rates for introductory purchase credit cards dipped to a 1.86 percent average from 1.87 percent last week and stood at 1.82 percent a month earlier. For the week ended Jan. 4, rates ranged from zero percent to 9.9 percent.

Reward, or incentive-based, credit cards advanced to a 12.18 percent average, up from 12.08 percent last week, with a range of 5.9 percent to 17.24 percent. Rates stood at 12.07 percent a month earlier.

CDs & Money Market
MMA 0.50%
$10K MMA 0.41%
6 month CD 0.57%
1 yr CD 1.01%
5 yr CD 1.72%

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Interest rates for banking products also tipped mostly higher, with 12-month CDs creeping to a 2.05 percent average annual percent yield, or APY, up from 2.02 percent the previous week.

Rates for 12-month CDs ranged from 0.35 percent on the low end to 3.41 percent for the week. A month earlier, the average rate stood at 1.93 percent.

The average interest rate for money markets edged up to 0.78 percent from 0.77 percent last week, with a range of 0.02 percent to 3.04 percent. Rates stood at 0.75 percent a month earlier.

Below are the rates for key savings products from the 10 largest banks. You can compare rates for banking products, as well as credit cards, using the rate-search tools above.

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