Biggest office pet peeves
Condescending tones and loud talkers were among biggest annoyances, according to a new survey.

NEW YORK ( - Does the guy in the next cube drive you up the wall with his deafening voice?

Thirty-two percent of employees listed "loud talkers" as one of their biggest pet peeves in the office, according to a survey released by Randstad on Tuesday.

Forty-four percent of those polled said condescending tones were the worst, while 37 percent found public reprimands at work particularly irritating.

Micromanaging struck a nerve with 34 percent of the respondents, even more than cell phones ringing (30 percent), use of speakerphones in public areas (22 percent) and using PDAs during meetings (9 percent).

And 11 percent of those polled hate it when colleagues engage in personal conversations in the workplace.

Harris Interactive surveyed 2,318 employed adults for Atlanta-based Randstad's monthly Job Bites survey on workplace etiquette.


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