Cubicle beautification project
Give your cubicle a make-over that will leave it looking more like a place you want to spend time.
By Kate Bonamici, FORTUNE Magazine reporter

NEW YORK (FORTUNE Magazine) - Fine, you're stuck in a slate-gray cubicle for the foreseeable future. (For that matter, so am I.) That doesn't mean you have to settle for tacked up snapshots and your Rolodex for decoration.

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Just ask Seattle-based lifestyle expert Kelley Moore, author of the new book "Cube Chic." Her extreme makeover ideas range from the Zen Cube (lots of bamboo) to the Pub Cube (complete with bar stools as visitor chairs) to the Hip-hop Cube (faux graffiti, naturally).

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But even if you're stopping short of a total overhaul (or, more likely, your HR department is stopping you) there are plenty of ways to improve life in the box.

Says Moore, "The key is finishing your design and dcor instead of thinking of it as 'Okay, my whole cube is a bulletin board.' Think of it as a room in your home."

With that in mind, we found six ideas for making your cube feel like a corner office. Take a look.


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