Satellite TV pirate behind bars
Canadian sentenced to three months in jail for operating a large distributor of piracy devices and software.

NEW YORK ( - A Canadian man is doing time for stealing satellite TV service and helping others steal it too.

William Boudreau, also known as Billy Boudreau, was sentenced to three months in jail after being found in contempt of an order granted by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

The so-called Anton Piller Order is the equivalent of a Civil Search and Seizure warrant in the U.S. The Anton Piller Order was granted against Boudreau after a joint investigation conducted by EchoStar (Research), NagraStar and DirecTV (Research).

Boudreau operated a large distributor of piracy devices and software used to circumvent the conditional access systems of EchoStar and DirecTV, the companies said in a joint statement.

The order, granted in February 2004, required Boudreau to grant the companies access to the Web site and all of its databases, including customer and membership lists, as evidence in the litigation.

Boudreau refused to grant access to the Web site, did not take the Web site offline, and failed to turn over the records of customers and members, the companies said.

Justice Spence held that Boudreau intentionally pirated the satellite TV services and violated the Anton Piller Order. He was sentenced to three months in a correctional institution in Ontario, Canada. Boudreau is currently serving his sentence in the Hamilton Detention Center.

This is the second time that a satellite television pirate in Canada has been sentenced to jail.


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