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Most Americans fear retirement shortfall
Fidelity poll shows 83% of workers say they aren't putting enough away, but firm says that could be a good thing.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) - An increasing number of Americans agree they are not saving enough for retirement, according to a new poll, but the firm that commissioned the survey says the results could herald a change in future saving habits.

The survey, produced by Fidelity Investments, revealed that 83 percent of American workers said they are not socking enough money away for retirement, an increase from 78 percent in the previous year.

The poll results, said Fidelity's chief operating officer Robert L. Reynolds, could herald a change in how they save for retirement.

"We are hopeful that these findings reflect the beginning of a shift within the American mindset from low awareness and significant inertia in addressing the nation's retirement crisis to growing levels of understanding, acceptance and action," Reynolds said in a statement Thursday.

Right now, the survey shows workers are only saving at a pace that would cover only 57 percent of their current income in retirement, which includes both workplace and personal savings, as well as Social Security and pension benefits.

Fidelity estimates that an 85 percent income replacement is a more reasonable target when planning for retirement.

Of the 2,000 full-time workers surveyed for the poll, just over half said they had taken some action over the last six months in order to improve their retirement readiness.


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