Dems get a mutual fund to call their own
The Blue Fund will allow individuals to invest in progressive companies that both 'give blue' and 'act blue.'

NEW YORK ( - Democrats who love to play the stock market now have a chance to really toe the party line.

Blue Investment Management said it plans offer its Blue Fund, which invests only in companies that give the majority of their political contributions to Democratic candidates and adhere to progressive values, the company announced in a SEC filing earlier this week.

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"The Democratic investor with a political conscience has until now had no opportunity to put investment dollars to work in a politically focused way," the company wrote in its prospectus.

Among the 75 different companies included in the Blue Fund are eBay (Charts), Apple (Charts), Liz Claiborne (Charts), Lehman Brothers (Charts), North Fork Bank (Charts) and Starwood Hotels (Charts).

As part of its vetting process, Blue Investment Management said it will ensure that a company "gives blue" by monitoring political contributions made to candidates and political action committees by the company itself, and by its top three senior executive officers.

Companies included in the mutual fund will also have to "act blue," according to Blue Investment Management, meaning they would have to employ business practices that respect human rights, work towards environmental sustainability and avoid dealing with such harmful products as tobacco and firearms.

Blue Investment Management warned in its filing that since it also has a political agenda, it may not perform as well as other index funds. The company also said it would sell or avoid a well-performing stock simply because it does not meet the "give blue" or "act blue" requirements.

Daniel de Faro Adamson, the chief executive officer and co-founder of the Blue Fund, will serve as the fund's portfolio manager.

No public offering date has been set for the Blue Fund as it awaits SEC approval.


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