Wedding bells for Warren Buffett
World's second-richest man ties the knot with longtime companion Astrid Menks on his 76th birthday.

NEW YORK ( -- Warren Buffett tied the knot with longtime companion Astrid Menks in a private ceremony on his 76th birthday Wednesday, CNN has learned.

His daughter Susan A. Buffett hosted the brief 15-minute ceremony at her Omaha home, said the Omaha World-Herald.

Buffett and longtime companion Astrid Menks were married in a 15-minute ceremony in Omaha by Douglas County District Judge Patricia Lamberty.

The two were married by Douglas County District Judge Patricia Lamberty, the paper said.

It is Buffett's second marriage. His previous wife, Susan Thompson Buffett, passed away in 2004 from a stroke.

She and Buffett separated in 1977, when she moved out of his home in Omaha and relocated to San Francisco, according to the report.

Latvia-born Menks moved in with Buffett shortly afterwards, and they've lived as a couple in his home since then, according to Roger Lowenstein's 1995 biography of Buffett, the paper said.

Class A shares of Berkshire Hathaway (up $296.00 to $96,097.00, Charts) fell 0.1 percent on the New York Stock Exchange Thursday. At over $95,000, the stock is the most expensive on the NYSE because the company has not undergone a stock split. The company offers Class B shares (Charts) as well, which trade for around $3,000 each.

Berkshire, which was originally a textile milling company, now acts as a holding company for all of Buffett's investments.

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