A space ride for Christmas?
For a cool $1.7M, Neiman Marcus catalog shoppers can rocket 63 miles above the Earth with five of their friends.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Want to make someone's Christmas really special this year? Consider a trip to outer space.

Neiman Marcus unveiled its 2006 Christmas catalog of exotic holiday gifts Tuesday, which includes a chartered trip for six to space, a limited edition BMW and even a sculpture made of pencils.

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"This year's selection of enticing and desirable fantasy gifts is another example of the unique and high-quality holiday offerings our dedicated customers have come to know and love," Brendan Hoffman, president and CEO of Neiman Marcus Direct, said in a prepared statement.

But this year's gifts, which are part of the luxury retailer's 80th edition of its Christmas Book catalog, don't come cheap.

The chartered trip to space, for example, which sends six passengers 63 miles above the Earth via Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, costs a bit more than $1.7 million. Once those passengers return to terra firma, however, they get to indulge in an all-inclusive four-night stay on Virgin Chairman Richard Branson's private retreat in the British Virgin Islands.

Sports fanatics can bid on a package this year that includes four tickets to six different major sporting events including the Super Bowl XLI and a dinner with such sporting legends as Arnold Palmer or Magic Johnson. The money raised from the auction, which starts at $250,000, goes toward the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation, according to Neiman Marcus.

If kitschy art is your fancy, there's a 7-foot-high sculpture made of No. 2 pencils, priced at $40,000. Or if a new car seems like the perfect holiday present, there's always the limited edition 2007 BMW M6 convertible, which features a 500-horsepower engine and sells for a cool $139,000.

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