MySpace gets date with Eisner show

Social networking site makes a deal with Disney CEO to debut his new online drama "Prom Queen" on MySpace before other Web sites.

NEW YORK ( -- MySpace continued its push toward becoming a key Web video destination by announcing a partnership to debut a new original show hours before it appears on any other site.

"Prom Queen" is a scripted mystery series produced by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner's new independent production studio Vuguru.

The 90-second episodes will air daily on MySpace, starting on Sunday, April 1.

The announcement comes a week after MySpace owner News Corp. and GE's (Charts) NBC Universal announced plans for an online video platform. (Full story)

The deal marks a move by MySpace, currently the Web's number two video destination, to gain traffic from No. 1 video site YouTube, owned by Google (Charts).

Video sites see original content as a potentially key driver of site traffic.

"We have become a primary destination for online viewers and with exclusive content like Prom Queen, more and more eyeballs are coming to MySpace Video," said Chris DeWolfe, CEO and co-founder of MySpace, in a statement.

MySpace said that the show would be the first of many upcoming new offerings from its Video service.

Shares of News Corp. (Charts) closed Wednesday at $22.52 on the New York Stock Exchange.

Shares of Google closed at $461.88 on Nasdaq and edged upward in premarket trading Thursday.

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