At Carlyle Group, a sign of life in private equity

Amid the market uncertainty, leading private-equity shop Carlyle Group has raised $10 billion for two funds, new report says.

NEW YORK ( -- The private-equity spigot hasn't turned off completely.

The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday on its website that the Carlyle Group, the private-equity giant, has completed two funds - a $3 billion one for real estate and a second $7 billion fund for acquisitions in Europe.

Carlyle is also reportedly considering a third one for buyouts of financial-services companies.

The news site said Carlyle's success in raising funds suggests that the private-equity sector can weather the credit crisis and is focusing more on asset management.

Carlyle, like private-equity powerhouse Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, has mulled an initial public offering. While KKR has indicated it still plans to pursue a stock sale, Carlyle has tabled the idea as markets have swooned.

Rival The Blackstone Group (Charts) went public earlier this summer, only to see its shares tumble. Company shares are down nearly 40 percent from their June debut. Top of page