Toyota: Meet your robo-nurse

@CNNMoneyTech November 1, 2011: 8:27 AM ET
Toyota's answer to projected nurse shortage: robots

Toyota's new line of health care robots - including devices to assist in walking - could hit the market in 2013.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Toyota Motor Corp. unveiled its answer to the projected shortage in human nurses -- health care robots -- which it plans to put on the market within two years.

The Japanese automaker exhibited its new line of robot nurses Tuesday to provide services to provide humans with health care services.

Toyota (TM) said it developed the robots through its connections with Toyota Memorial Hospital and Fujita Health University in Japan "to support independent living for people incapacitated through sickness or injury, while also assisting in their return to health and reducing the physical burden on caregivers."

The automaker has also designed manufacturing robots "that assist in the loading and moving of heavy components in factories, in addition to automated technology that enables autonomous tool operation."

Toyota has also designed robots to assist with short-range personal transport and domestic chores.

The company said that all the new robots incorporate "high-speed, high-precision motor control technology, highly stable walking-control technology advanced through development of two-legged robots, and sensor technology that detects the user's posture as well as their grasping and holding strength."

Toyota said it plans to get the robots on the market by 2013. To top of page