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Lincoln MKX: Well beyond the Edge

The Lincoln MKX really is more than a just a Ford Edge with an egg-crate grille.

Differences: Subtle and obvious
Differences: Subtle and obvious
Price: About $43,000 as tested (prices start at about $34,000)
Power: 3.4-liter V6 with six-speed automatic transmission
Fuel economy: 20 mpg overall with all-wheel-drive (EPA estimate)

You'll often hear the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX crossover SUVs spoken of as if they're interchangeable The thinking is that the MXK is simply an upgraded version of the Edge.

Not so fast.

When I drove the Ford Edge crossover SUV, I was disappointed. To put it simply, the Edge just doesn't drive like it looks. It looks car-like and sophisticated. When driving, I found it truck-like, heavy-feeling and numb.

After that experience, MKX took me by surprise. The MKX feels exactly the way it should.

Steering is lighter than in the Edge, but it's not too light.

The MKX is no performance SUV, but it isn't supposed to be. Power, delivered through a smooth-shifting 6-speed, is more than adequate. The emphasis is on smoothness, comfort, style and decent car-like handling. The ride is very nice with some floatiness over really bad road surfaces.the MKX is a viable competitor.