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A futile exercise
A futile exercise
Talk about mental gymnastics. A New York Sports Club ad strains to make a connection between exercise and the oil spill: "Exercise sharpens the brain. Oil execs come in ASAP."

The half-page ad, which appeared in at least one New York City newspaper, welcomes almost anyone: "FREE 1-week trial for oil execs and everyone tired of their excuses."

It's part of an ongoing NYSC campaign that "focuses on what's relevant to the news this month," said Robert Giardina, chief executive of NYSC owner Town Sports International. He also said Town Sports is donating a large amount of old towels to the cleanup effort.

Past NYSC ads have centered around issues like tax season and political campaigns "to create a smart, funny personality for the clubs," Giardina said. NYSC riffed on the oil spill, he said, because "it's big news that everyone is talking about."

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Last updated June 22 2010: 6:47 PM ET
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