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Car testers at Consumer Reports magazine rate these Detroit-brand cars, SUVs and trucks as America's Best for multiple reasons.

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Green Car - Ford Fusion Hybrid
Price: $28,340
Mileage: 41 City / 36 Hwy

The Toyota Prius was Consumer Reports' Top Pick in this category, but the Fusion Hybrid actually outscored it in the magazine's testing.

So why did the Prius win? Because it's got the lock on fuel economy -- a critical factor in this category.

"The Fusion Hybrid is a better vehicle, overall, but not as 'Green,'" said Consumer Reports' Jake Fisher.

For those with their hearts set on a Detroit product, there are many domestic products that are more than worth considering, according to Consumer Reports.

Here are the vehicles Consumer Reports calls "America's Best."

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Last updated March 07 2011: 9:22 AM ET
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