Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport
Price: $1,990,000
Mileage: 8 City / 14 Hwy

The best thing about the Grand Sport's removable top is that it allows you to better hear that massive 16-cylinder engine behind you. Letting off the gas following a chest-crushing run up to very high speeds releases a sudden "Whoosh!" as the car's four turbochargers let out a gush of air. It's a great ride, if very, very expensive and possessed of a shocking thirst for premium gasoline.

This particular over-the-top mass of excess is reaching the end of it's production run very soon. (The last hard-top has already been spoken for.) If you think you want one, better order it soon.

Last updated June 28 2011: 7:53 AM ET
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