Jeep Compass
Jeep Compass
Chrysler's "chick Jeep" flopped when it was introduced in 2007. Based on a passenger car platform, it was judged too wimpy to be a true Jeep. But made more Jeep-like with a traditional grille, a new interior, and a brawny trail-rated model, the 2011 model has resonated with customers. "With the fascia of the new Compass taking its cues directly from the successful Grand Cherokee, it has garnered significantly more customer attention," says analyst Jeremy Acevedot. "Jeep shoppers initially interested in the Grand Cherokee have begun looking at the Compass, which offers similar styling but with improved mileage and a starting price that's nearly $10,000 lower." Sales of the redesigned 2011 model have increased five-fold

Last updated November 10 2011: 7:11 AM ET
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