Extra seats
Extra seats

Besides your luggage, there's something else you can fit in the trunk of the Model S: Your kids. Two children can sit there in a pair of folding seats, watching the road roll away behind them. When not needed, the seats tuck into the trunk floor.

These back seats are possibly the safest seats in the Car, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said. And the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety agrees.

"If you're transporting kids, those rear-facing back seats would be the best place to put them," Insurance Institute spokesman Russ Rader said.

Not only are the children facing away from any likely frontal collision, the back end of the car is also reinforced to protect against high-speed rear-end impacts, even from large trucks.

The seats are equipped with racecar-type five-point harnesses, too.

Last updated November 02 2011: 5:37 AM ET
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