Lexus HS 250h
Lexus HS 250h
Developing a Lexus version of the popular Toyota Prius seemed like a good idea, but once-enthusiastic buyers have turned skittish. According to, the HS 250h suffered the biggest year-over-year sales decline of any car continuing in production -- a whopping 73%. Perhaps potential customers were just catching up with the faint praise dispensed by enthusiast publications. "The HS 250h is a `compromises hybrid' that strikes a compromise between good mileage and a fair amount of high-brow comfort features," said Car and Driver. "We can think of other vehicles that strike that balance just as well, and drive better in the process." Snap.

By Alex Taylor III, senior editor-at-large @FortuneMagazine - Last updated December 19 2011: 5:46 AM ET
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