Remember the Hansons? They make beer
Remember the Hansons? They make beer

MmmBop, bit du bop dah

Du bop, dooby dop wah

Du bop, bip budop bah do

Yeah, yeah

...Yeah, those kids. The brothers on the album above, who put out "MMMBop," the chorus of which is also above. (That's the closest we can do to nailing the lyrics. It's very difficult. We listened five times.) While you were busy trying to get that song out of your head after some merciless coworker chose it from the karaoke machine at the holiday party, they were busy working on their next venture: beer. The trio has an IPA hitting the market in Q1 2012. It's called MMMHop. If that doesn't tickle your drinking fancy, how about Hello Kitty wine? The company has a California rose coming next year in Angel or Devil varieties. Meow.

By Daniel Roberts, reporter @FortuneMagazine - Last updated December 27 2011: 5:46 AM ET
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