Students protest state budget cuts at rallies organized by the Arizona Students' Association this spring.

Just four years ago, incoming freshmen at the University of Arizona paid $5,037 in tuition and fees. Starting this fall, they'll pay nearly double that -- $10,035.

The tuition spike will be felt by all three of Arizona's public universities, as the state's economy still reels in the aftermath of the housing boom and bust.

Arizona's Republican-controlled legislature recently cut higher education funding by $198 million, or 22.3% in fiscal 2012.

Since 2008, the state has cut $428 million -- a whopping 50% reduction. Over that same period, enrollment in Arizona universities has grown 15%.

To make up for the funding gap, universities are trying to cut spending, but have also decided to hike student fees.

This year alone, tuition will jump 22% at the University of Arizona, 19.5% at Arizona State University, and 15% at Northern Arizona University.

Last updated June 30 2011: 12:43 PM ET
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