Are my job skills useless?

Three million job openings remain unfilled in the U.S. as companies claim workers simply don't have the right skills.

Computer consultant: Three jobs in one
Computer consultant: Three jobs in one

Izzy Goodman
Far Rockaway, NY

I am a computer consultant with 30 years of experience, laid off two years ago from CBS Television. I have knowledge of many programming languages, operating systems, databases and business applications, and in a "normal" job market I would probably have no problem finding a job.

But now I find companies are taking incredible advantage of the economic crisis by combining the work of several people into one position. I have been told outright on interviews that I would be replacing three people and should expect to work 10-hour days and weekends.

Job postings used to list one computer language and one database. Today they list three of each because the candidate has to fill so many roles. And let's not get into the salaries which have been cut drastically.

I can make as much working part-time from my home being self-employed, so I opened up my own company, doing web design and selling ink and toner cartridges.

By Annalyn Censky - Last updated July 19 2011: 5:37 PM ET
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