Secrets of extreme Black Friday shoppers

For these shoppers, Black Friday means serious business -- and savings. Here they share their plan of attack.

Amanda Ostrowski
Amanda Ostrowski
Amanda Ostrowski camps outside of Best Buy ahead of Black Friday.
Age: 25
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Thanksgiving is obviously about giving thanks. But nowadays, Black Friday is a big part of Thanksgiving. They are back-to-back holidays in our household. I shop like a mad woman but the savings are worth it.

This year, my husband and I, my brother and two of my friends will split off into teams. Two of us will go to one Wal-Mart and two of us will go to a different Wal-Mart, so we definitely will get what we want.

Since we're not going for high-ticket electronics this year we can leave a little later, like at 5 p.m. on Thursday. I'm thankful these stores are opening on Thanksgiving, it's going to be a little bit easier to wait outside during the day instead of sleeping outside.

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Secret strategies: Check your grocery stores! They sometimes have promotions for free gas or groceries when you buy gift cards for other retailers. Last year, I got three free fill-ups for my truck by buying Best Buy, Target and PetSmart gift cards to use on Black Friday.

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By Jessica Dickler @CNNMoney - Last updated November 22 2011: 3:23 PM ET
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