Richmond, Va.
For some ugly homes, the only solution is destruction.
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Status: Razed
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This old Virginia house had the classic ugly home exterior with boarded up windows, a weedy yard and flaking paint. Inside, it was even worse with entire wall studding exposed, missing plumbing fixtures, cracked tile and drooping ceilings.

The people that owned it were using packing tape to keep the ceiling tiles up, according to the local HomeVestors franchisee, Don Reid. "And the kitchen floors were so soft in spots, there was a danger that someone walking on it could fall through," he said.

The exterior had asbestos siding, which would have to be safely removed and disposed of, an expensive job that, with all the house's other problems, doomed it.

The entire block was going through a renovation and the rehab company bought the house for back taxes and enough for the old owners to have a little nest egg. The company then razed it.

R.I.P. Ugly House.

Last updated July 20 2011: 4:27 PM ET
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