Protection from deadbeat roommates
Protection from deadbeat roommates
Hate splitting the check when eating out with friends?

Paydivvy lets you create a bill or event you want people to pitch in for, and tells each person how much they owe and when payment is due. You can then make your portion of the total payment using the billpay service.

For example, if you live with three roommates, you can split the rent four ways each month (and even adjust the amount each person owes depending on room size). When the rent check is due, you'll receive the bill for your share. Paydivvy will show you if your roommates have paid, and send reminders to those who haven't.

Those same social billpay services can be used for utility bills, group dinners, club dues, parties and anything involving multiple payers. And the service is free to use.

Last updated May 13 2011: 1:44 PM ET

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