Find My Facemate
Find My Facemate

More than 35,000 developers have built apps that have detected and recognized more than 35 billion photos using's online software. They range from fun toys like CelebrityFindr, which scours Facebook and Twitter for photos of celebrities, to practical tools like Fareclock, which tracks when employees punch in and out by scanning their faces.

Somewhere in between is Find Your Facemate. Upload your photo and the service will find a potential future love interest who uses the service and looks like you.

"Research shows that people are more likely to be attracted to others whose facial features are similar to their own," the company says on its site. "Find Your FaceMate is a revolutionary new dating site that uses facial recognition technology to identify partners more likely to ignite real passion."

Let's hope you like the way you look.

By David Goldman @CNNMoneyTech - Last updated December 13 2011: 1:55 PM ET
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