15 worst items to put on your holiday wish list

Amazon.com is a holiday shopping hub, but some oddities lurk within its vast catalog. Here's our picks for things you probably don't want to find waiting under the tree.

A 'pre-need' cremation plan
A 'pre-need' cremation plan

A strange press release popped up in journalists' inboxes this week: A company called Smart Cremation was hawking "pre-need cremation services" and said it had picked Amazon as the sales platform for its all-in-one plans. For $1,189, you could buy yourself or your loved ones a kit covering the cost of an urn, transportation and the cremation itself.

But within a day of the press release, Smart Cremation had disappeared from Amazon's site. A rep for HWH PR, the firm that represents Smart Cremation, says Amazon contacted the company after seeing articles about the offering.

"Amazon said, 'This is a service, not a product,'" says spokeswoman Lois Whitman. Amazon did not respond to CNNMoney's request for comment.

"We are stunned. We will be approaching Amazon again," Whitman said. "But a few other big-box retailers have said they want to sell our services online."

Maybe Costco will offer a 10-pack?

By Julianne Pepitone @CNNMoneyTech - Last updated December 15 2011: 12:46 PM ET
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