Lake Erie "Mod Pod"
vermilion, Ohio
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Vermillion, Ohio
Price: $19.5 million
Bedrooms: 5
Baths: 9 and 6 halfs
Square feet: 38,000

This immense home, dubbed Waterwood Estates, sits on 160 acres of lakefront in a resort area 40 miles west of Cleveland.

The dwelling, which consists of a series of concrete pods connected by glass corridors, is on a property that boasts an artificial harbor, sandy beach and helipad.

Built for Don Brown, the inventor of the drop ceiling, the home incorporates some of his "quirky" ideas, said Scott Street, the agent for the property. There's a garage with a rotating marble floor so drivers don't have to back out, for example.

In addition to the nearly 40,000 square feet above ground, there's an additional 20,000 square feet of storage space below ground. The molds for the white brick used to build the home were destroyed after construction was finished so the exact look of the home cannot be replicated.

There are 8 fireplaces, a wine grotto, a sauna, 2 passenger elevators, a 40-foot long lap pool and a 20-foot round indoor pool.

After Brown and his wife died in a plane crash in 2010, his sons decided to put the property on the market. It went up for sale last August.

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By Les Christie @CNNMoney - Last updated January 20 2012: 11:28 AM ET
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