Apple keys
Apple keys

Like the one-button mouse, the Apple key was a unique Apple feature that gave many former Windows users fits.

The Apple key first appeared on the Apple III, and eventually made its way to the Apple Lisa and future Apple II PCs (which far outlived the ill-fated Apple III). The Apple key actually did not appear on the original Mac's keyboard, but eventually made it there after Steve Jobs' departure in 1986.

It served as a command key that had much the same function of the "control" key on a Microsoft Windows keyboard. To copy text, for instance, the Mac keyboard shortcut was Apple-C, while the shortcut was CTRL-C for Windows.

Confusing matters, Apple's keyboards also featured a control key. That meant any Windows user that had to switch between a Windows program and an Apple program on a Mac forced the user to switch between the Command key and the CTRL key constantly.

Apple ultimately killed off the Apple key in 2007, replacing the Apple logo with the word "command." Still, the functionality remained, and Windows users remain in muscle memory hell.

By David Goldman @CNNMoneyTech - Last updated January 27 2012: 7:21 AM ET
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