• The death of cash

    The death of cash

    Tech giants - and startups like Square - want you to use your phone to pay for everything from gum to train rides. Here's how they plan to achieve cash-free nirvana.

  • How social media killed ACTA

    The same forces that put the ill-fated SOPA bill out of its misery have done the same for a worldwide trade pact aimed at enforcing intellectual property rights.

  • The costs of copyright enforcement

    The broadcast networks' lawsuits to prevent Dish Network from deploying a feature allowing viewers to skip commercials aren't aimed really aimed at Dish -- they're aimed at viewers.

  • Where's the outcry on the U.N. push to regulate the Internet?

    A regulated Internet regime would disrupt the global free flow of information and commerce. So where is the business opposition to the United Nations' effort to control the web?

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