Best stocks to own if you're betting on Obama

The presidential election is less than two months away, and the race is tight. But if you think President Obama will be re-elected, consider investing in these five sectors. Check out Romney stocks.

Alternative energy

obama gallery alternative energy

While Obama's stricter environmental regulations for business have severely hurt the coal industry, they have been positive for companies that provide energy through alternative means like natural gas, wind, solar and nuclear.

Obama is set to extend renewable tax credits, such as the wind production tax credit that, which could provide a boost for companies like NextEra (NEE), the largest generator of wind and solar power in North America, and Exelon (EXC), which represents about 20% of the U.S. nuclear industry's power capacity with 10 power plants and 17 reactors.

Romney, on the other hand, has said he would let the tax breaks expire at the end of the year, as the Republicans in the House work to push through bills that would pull back on some of Obama's regulations on greenhouse gas emissions.

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