The world's most popular beer is ...

Few people outside China have ever tasted the top-selling brew in the world.

1.  Snow

world beer snow 1

Chinese drinkers guzzled an incredible 10.3 billion liters of Snow in 2013, making it the world's No.1 beer.

Keen to try it? You'll have to jump on a plane to China -- the only country where Snow is sold.

Snow is produced by SABMiller (SBMRF) and local partner China Resources Enterprise. Last year, the brand had 5.3% of the world market.

But before you buy a ticket to Beijing, consider the taste. Snow is a lager, and a prime example of the mostly flavorless -- but refreshing -- beer that dominates in Asia.

Source: Euromonitor from trade sources/national statistics
- Last updated August 19 2014 09:43 PM ET