9 divisive energy issues for the election

The domestic energy boom and tighter regulations aren't going away no matter who wins the election. But Obama and Romney differ widely on several key issues.


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Obama has taken a tough line on Iran, imposing sanctions that have cut the country's oil exports in half. It remains to be seen whether that's enough to prevent the country from building a nuclear weapon.

Romney says he would go even further, taking steps to cut off all of Iran's oil exports. Such a move could send oil prices higher.

What would definitely send oil prices higher is a military strike on the country. It's not thought that either Romney or Obama would order such an attack solely over the nuclear program, but Israel may feel like it has more freedom to act on its own if Romney were president.

Source: Rapidan Group, Guggenheim Securities, ClearView Energy Partners, Eurasia Group
  @hargreavesCNN - Last updated September 25 2012 01:29 PM ET

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