I can't find a nursing job!

Whatever happened to the nursing shortage? These new grads can't find jobs, after months of searching.

I want to make a difference

I studied at Adelphi University and I graduated in May with a bachelor's degree in nursing. I also volunteered in a clinic, and I helped with radiology research in a hospital.

I have done tons of applications, and I try to network as much as possible, but it's so hard to find a job as a new grad.

I understand that hospitals don't have time and money to waste on training us, but maybe nursing programs should change to accommodate the needs of the hospitals better so they will be more open to hiring new grads.

It just frustrates me that after all the time, money, and hard work I put into becoming a nurse, I am not able to use my skills.

Even though it's difficult to find a job, I'm still attracted to this work because it's about helping people. It makes me feel like I'm making a difference in the world.

Did you earn an advanced degree that did not lead to a job? Was it worth the debt? Send your story to annalyn.kurtz@turner.com.
  @AnnalynKurtz - Last updated January 14 2013 10:17 AM ET

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