Focus on profit
Display-screen manufacturer eMagin struggles to turn a profit.
By Justin Martin, FSB contributor

(FSB Magazine) -- WHEN FSB PROFILED EMAGIN ONE YEAR AGO, the display-screen manufacturer stood at a crossroads ("Eyes Wide Open," September 2005). The firm had struggled financially, but hoped that its new Z800 visor would help it finally turn a profit. One year later, the situation isn't much brighter. Although CEO Gary Jones points out that the visor won a design award at the Consumer Electronics Show and is selling well through online retailers such as, the company lost $5.2 million in its latest quarter, and the stock (Amex: EMA) is trading at around 20 cents, 45 cents less than a year ago. Jones emphasizes that his company just signed contracts with several large defense contractors that will bring in roughly $60 million in revenues over the next five years. "It's been frustrating, but we keep pushing forward," says Jones. "On the other side of this valley, there is enormous potential."  Top of page

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