Masters of eminent domain
the Institute for Justice fight for the little guy in the battle over land development.
By Julie Sloane, FSB writer

(FSB Magazine) -- WHEN WE LAST SPOKE TO THE INSTITUTE FOR justice, the nonprofit libertarian law firm had just represented the losing side before the U.S. Supreme Court in the Kelo v. New London eminent domain case ("When One Little Guy Rolls Another," October 2005). But the firm recently scored a sweeping victory in the Ohio Supreme Court, where justices ruled that its clients -- two homeowners and the owner of a tutoring center in Norwood -- could not be evicted to make way for development. The precedent, says IJ senior attorney Dana Berliner, offers a model for other plaintiffs to oppose the Kelo decision. A day after her courtroom victory, Berliner was in New York State, litigating another eminent domain case, and IJ has recently taken on two more.  Top of page

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