Next Little Thing 2008

9 companies to watch
Sir Richard will help fund U.S. entrepreneurs, jetpacks will finally fly, and GPS devices will show the cheapest gas nearby - plus much more! (more)
Our fearless forecast
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Branson unbound
Behind the scenes at the Boston launch of Virgin Money, Richard Branson's new peer-to-peer lending service. (more)
2006 NLT: Where are they now?
Watch out, Detroit. A new crop of electric-vehicle startups aims to put a dent in the Big Three by applying the latest in high-technology engineering and design. (more)
2007 NLT: Where are they now?
Looking back at Moller International, Organic Bouquet, and Xethanol. Plus: 15 additional companies we've previously profiled as the Next Little Thing. (more)
Inside the mind of Virgin
Richard Branson gives Fortune Small Business a behind-the-scenes look at how he got his start as an entrepreneur. (more)
Talk back on our forum to let us know what upcoming trends and technologies we missed. (more)