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Halliburton contract could reach $7B Halliburton contract could reach $7B
Apr 11
Emergency government contract to fix Iraqi oil fields lasts 2 years, offers 7% profit margin. (more)

  • Al-Maliki: Iraq won't be battleground for U.S., Iran
  • Feds leave key interest rate alone
  • Award-winning computer scientist missing
  • Germany seeks 13 over alleged kidnapping by CIA
  • Gonzales to turn over secret wiretap documents

    Post-war rebound no sure thing Post-war rebound no sure thing
    Apr 11
    When the war ends, uncertainty will be gone and the economy's going to boom, right? Not exactly. (more)
    Oil dips with Kirkuk output in sight
    Crude prices drop as significant output from Iraq's largest oil field seen within weeks. (more)
    Kirkuk oilfield secured
    Apr 11
    U.S. led forces secure largest Iraqi oilfield, capable of pumping 900,000 bpd, with limited damage. (more)
    What the troops make What the troops make
    Like a lot of things in the military, paychecks are very complicated. (more)
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    Apr 9    Oil rises as Baghdad falls

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     NIKKEI 8051.04  +1.79%  8435.07 
    1.0558  +0.49%  1.0610 
    ¥ 120.47  -0.23%  120.19 
    BRENT OIL 32.33  1.10%  25.45 
    GOLD (CMX) 350  -4.86%  333.00 
    3/24 6:44AM 

    Reconstructing Iraq Reconstructing Iraq
    Treasury Secretary John Snow talks about rebuilding Iraq, the extended tax deadline for combat troops, and paying for the war. (more This story contains video
    Halliburton's special deals?  This story contains video
    Saddam's statue comes down  This story contains video
    Army's new recruiting strategy  This story contains video
    Iraq's debt  This story contains video