World’s Top Employers for New Grads

For an exclusive CNNMoney list, research firm Universum Global surveyed college students around the world to see where they most want to work.

25 of 50
Rank among business students: 25
Rank (engineering students): 19

Headquarters: Vevey, Switzerland
No. of employees: 327,500

What makes it great: Nestlé isn't just chocolate and coffee -- it's the world's largest food company and it stocks kitchens, restaurants, and sports venues around the world.

Nestlé has "very strong roots in most countries, with a respect for different cultures," says Philippe Aeschlimann, a Nestlé spokesperson. Food is adapted for local tastes and requirements; for example, it makes a broad range of Halal food for Muslim consumers.

What they're looking for: Nestlé has high expectations for its hires. To succeed, employees need to make a strong impact and consistently hit performance targets.

Employees are encouraged to take ownership of their future. "Individual responsibility and autonomy are facts of life here," its careers site says.

Multi-year rotational programs are available in certain areas to help employees learn about the business and develop leadership and organizational skills. --L.G.

Is Nestlé a great place for new grads to work, or what?
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