How to save an extra $50,000

Chop your mortgage
Refinance a 30-year mortgage to a 15-year loan, and you could save $50,000 in nine years. more
Move to a cheaper locale
Relocate to a less expensive area to save $50,000 in five years more
Do your own maintenance
Ditch the pros and tackle routine home maintenance to save yourself $50,000 over 10 years. more
Cut one big expense
Focus on a single large expense you can reduce or eliminate to save $50,000 over seven years. The Vincent family did it. more
Kick costly habits
Change your relationship to the stuff you buy -- no more fancy cars! -- and save an extra $50,000 over eight years. more
Add up the small stuff
Cut the cost of the stuff you need to buy and save an extra $50,000 in seven years. more
Go to a public college first
Encourage your child to enroll at a state university or community college for the first year or two, then transfer to a private school. The Crowes saved more than $100, 000 that way. more
Nab more merit money
If your kids qualify for a generous grant based on academic achievement, you could save $50,000 over four years. more
Grab overlooked tax breaks
Take advantage of your employer's tax-advantaged savings accounts and cash in on deductions to save an extra $50,000 in seven years. more
Lower investment costs
Shift your portfolio to cheaper, more tax-efficient mutual funds and ETFs to save an extra $50,000 over seven years. more